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Heinz Mack

"Ohne Titel - Chromatische Konstellation (Untitled - Chromatic Constellation)", 2016

Acrylic on canvas

78 x 80 cm / framed 81 x 82 cm  ″

Signed and dated bottom centre "mack 16"

- with studio frame -

N 9294

About the work

A restrained use of colour characterises this Chromatic Constellation by Heinz Mack from 2016. Sequences of narrow blue bands, arranged in a rhythmical vertical series are bounded at the upper and lower edges of the canvas by slender stripes of pink and purple. Freely applied criss-cross patterns of brushstrokes of varying widths, overlapping and interpenetrating layers of colour create an irregular texture across the entire canvas. As with his sculptures, in which the artist fashions coarsely-hewn surface structures in order to allow the light to diffract energetically, so here does the dynamic, closely-interwoven web of brush strokes cause the entire surface to shimmer and oscillate. It is more an immaterial, light-filled apparition of optical vibrations than a physical entity.
Here, as in other paintings, the fact that since 1990 the artist has maintained a second studio on Ibiza, may have played a role; The intensity of the southern light, the radiance of the sun, the vibrant colours of the island have over the years inscribed themselves into his work. With almost rapturous enthusiasm, the painter and sculptor, for whom light is his lifeblood, never tires in claiming that this Mediterranean island boasts the most beautiful light in the world. Thus unsurprisingly this sheet evokes immediate associations with the sun, the sky and the ocean.
(Doris Hansmann)

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