Why buy a work of art?

Adolf Richard Fleischmann, "# 99",
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A work of art is not merely a possession, but a source of great pride. Often the owner learns of the story behind the artwork, why and where it was created, who the artist is and where they live. Many works reflect the circumstances of the artist's life at the time of their creation - insights, which can often elicit an emotional response in the viewer.
Thus material value is merely one aspect of possessing an original art work; the other is the profound intangible and emotional significance it holds for the owner. Consequently, cultivating an interest in art extends far beyond acquiring art works merely for the sake of possessing them. It also entails visiting galleries and art fairs, meeting artists and exchanging information and views with fellow art lovers and collectors. The pleasure derived from such activities can be stimulating, and gallerists can also prove to be a valuable source of information and inspiration.
One also has the opportunity to make the acquaintance of people who share one's passion, and with whom one can engage in lively discussion about a particular artwork or on art in general. Often the gallery owner is able to assess which works best suit the particular life style of the potential buyer or his home environment and domestic ambiance. Works which alone, one perhaps would never have become aware of.

Good communication: The key to acquiring the ideal artwork

An individual, personal consultancy can also help you to find the ideal art work for the office space, where inspiration and passion are of special importance. Regardless of whether it is intended for the workplace or the private sphere, art can prove to be a sound investment.
Heeding expert advice and acquiring a magnificent, unique artwork, which will genuinely retain its value, is a win-win both for the art aficionado and the gallery owner. And should the new owner receive a good offer to sell, this merely confirms his excellent judgement.
Gallerists serve as a source of information, for example, when the works of an artist are on display in a museum exhibition. Thus visiting a gallery ensures you are always kept up to speed on the latest trends in the art scene. Some art owners feel honoured when a museum wishes to borrow a work from their collection for an exhibition.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner,
mit Plastik vor Fenster", 1925
(Flower Bouquet with Sculpture
in front of Window), 1925
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It is also important to bear in mind that artworks will be a lifelong companion. They become an integral part of your own biography, always there to provide comfort whatever the fates bestow upon you. And once you become accustomed to being surrounded by art, you will never wish to forgo the pleasure they give - for the rest of your life.
These are just a few of the many reasons for acquiring an artwork. And if you feel able to relate to to just one of them, then it is probably time for your next visit to a gallery!

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