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Otto Modersohn

"Frühling in Fischerhude (Spring in Fischerhude)", 1925

Oil on canvas

50 x 70 cm / framed 65 x 85 cm  ″

Signed, dated bottom right "O Modersohn 25"
Expertise Rainer Noeres from 10.03.2018,
Otto Modersohn Museum, Fischerhude

- with craftsman's frame -

N 9336

About the work

A sunny spring day in Fischerhude, painted by Otto Modersohn in May of 1925. The foreground shows an open meadow, presented differentiated in transparent shades of green. Shadows in cool, dark green are witness to the presence of a tree, beneath which the painter found protection from the sun. Toward the middle, the green changes to the yellowish shade of the dandelions. The middle ground of the painting shows a row of farmhouses with their gardens and blossoming fruit trees in a complementary contrast of green and red shades. The arcadian scene is enlivened by the brown horse grazing in the meadow - the washing dries on the line in the sun. Above it all, a bright blue sky.
The painting shows a spring morning just as one might still experience it today in Fischerhude in May. The paintings of Otto Modersohn of the 1920s are characterised by French peinture. Highly differentiated in tone, elegant in colouring and rendered with rhythmic animation, the sixty-year-old Otto Modersohn presents himself here at the peak of his development as a painter. “One must encounter one’s subject entirely freely - art is a new creation by reference to or based on nature. Precisely here is where the joy in creation lies. A painting that breathes this freely becomes much better. One must compose one’s imagination with the breath of nature. One must reshape according to one’s ideas. A great painter is not one who faithfully reproduces nature, but instead one who fills nature with his imagination and allows it to emerge again as he beholds it.” (Otto Modersohn, diary of 17 August 1924)
(Rainer Noeres)

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