Kuno Gonschior

"Orange-Blau-Orange (Orange-Blue-Orange)", 2004

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 95 cm  ″

Signed titled, dated, and labelled verso top
LANDSCAPE 2004 GEL Acryl, Leinen 100 x 95 cm"

N 9283

About the work

Kuno Gonschior was one of the leading German colour painters of the modern period. With his abstract paintings comprising points, spots and dabs of colour, from 1959 onwards he dedicated himself to the meticulous exploration of the substance of colour, with its range of physical and optical phenomena, such as spatial effects, interaction, after-images and complementary contrasts.
Gonschior fashioned abstract paintings in which spots or specks of colour came to form the foundation of his "trademark" style. The vibrating dubs of colour remain elusive to the eye, their appearance permanently shifting, evoking after-images, which migrate across the painting in tandem with our gaze. Spots of colour coalesce and condense into oscillating clusters, before drifting apart to other areas of the painting. Their radiating colour distorts our perception of the ground whose colour melt away to total dissolution. In "Orange-Blue-Orange" the luminosity of the two complementary colours is enhanced alone by virtue of their close juxtaposition, which the artist uses to analyse the physical properties and materiality of colour.
Kuno Gonschior himself sought "the observer who says: 'I'll take a look, and I am self-confident enough to state whether I like the work or not'. It is not necessary to have had an art education. One just has to liberate oneself from these constraints, and do something which most people fail to do: Study the painting for an extended period, and give the picture the chance for just 5 minutes. This would have an effect."
(Eva Müller-Remmert)

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