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Heinz Mack

"Untitled", 2014

Acrylic on canvas

44 x 49 cm / framed 45 x 50 cm  ″

Signed and dated bottom right "mack 14"
Signed and dated top left on canvas verso "mack 14"

- with studio frame -

N 9302

About the work

That Heinz Mack's "Chromatic Constellations" need not necessarily consist of serial sequences and strict formal repetitions is impressively demonstrated by this painting from 2014. The central pictorial element is a large, virtually canvas-filling triangle superimposed onto two dark-blue trapezoidal forms, which, in turn radiate across diagonally aligned brighter colour fields towards the edge of the canvas and into the space beyond. Applied with subtle fine brushstrokes, Mack's glazed paint lends the coloured fields and their blurred contours a translucent brightness and a diffuse, shimmering aura - as if they are about to vanish the very next moment. Here Mack is exploring the mutual interplay of colour, light and movement to create a floating, light-space continuum, in which the element colour is transformed into pure sound and perceived by the viewer both as a concrete form and also as immaterial energy. In exemplary fashion, this composition highlights the significance of rhythm in Heinz Mack's conceptual pictorial strategy. Due to their rhythmically layered rendition, the thrusting vertical and diagonal forms combine to generate a dynamic interaction of colour in space. The result is a multilayered, gradated spatial depth, which ineluctably draws the eye of the viewer into the pictorial space, where the predominance of blue evokes a meditative ambience.
(Andreas Gabelmann)

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